The best...

A collection of original and virtually unknown albums that are guaranteed to satisfy. The best music produced in the 21st Century.

Playing For Keeps - You never know when you pick up your instrument where it will take you. In this mix of original tracks and classic covers Tom Peek is not just playing... he's playing for keeps!

Tranquillo - Voted album of the year 2017! "Tranquillo is an album of eclectic proportions". A first for Tom Peek, this tuneful collection includes classic covers with a unique twist.

Meet the Endorphins - The Endorphins are the a family band. This album is the musical cream of the crop... the ultimate eclectic blend of vocals, guitar centric rock and blues.

Moon Face Boys - You can call them outlaws, rebels or musical geniuses. David Peek and Robert (Bob) Propes are renegade Endorphins. They broke out of the corral and they’ve done gone and went and made what is truly a unique collection of timeless ballads guaranteed to move straight to the top of everyone’s favorite music collection.

Granada Rain - Original guitar music written and performed by Tom Peek. "Granada Rain is a state of mind. When it's too hot we wish for cooling rain, when it's too cold we wish for the warming heat of the sun. Every song contains a soothing breeze."

Music Road Here Today - In his first digitally released solo project Music Road, David Peek paints a sound picture using virtuoso skills on vocals and guitar. The arrangements are reminiscent of the Beatles when they were on top form in the studio... with the occasional whiff of pure country.

Music Road Gone Tomorrow - The final tracks of the Music Road series of music by David Peek. Gone Tomorrow draws a line under a collection of emotive musical themes. It is now time to relax and enjoy the music.

Gypsy 6 Pack - Creator of the smooth style known as "Classic Gypsy", guitarrista Tom Peek has expanded the classical guitar's appeal to the full spectrum of music fans with this highly acclaimed album.

Release the Endorphins - The Endorphins are a family of musicians... Tom Peek, Dan Peek, David Peek, Bob Propes, Angela Propes and Matthew Peek. "The experiences of life, and a love of music, has resulted in a collection of music that spans the spectrum from hard hitting rock, to sounds that will lull you into a warm sense of euphoria."

The Other Tom Peek - "Looking back, I realize that this album has been in the works for a lifetime. From the moment I first picked up a guitar I have been striving to pay honor to the great classical guitarists. Here is my tribute to the art."

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